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"Ethan is such a great dog trainer! My husband and I have seen such a wonderful improvement in our dog, Coal, since taking him to training. Ethan has really helped Coal regain his confidence and be comfortable around new people. We highly recommend it."


-Macie & Coal

one of our dog training students

"Ethan is fantastic. We were convinced that our two doodles were beyond training: pulled during walks like sled dogs, got into it with other dogs, barked like crazy when people came to the door, and wouldn’t stay and wouldn’t come when called. Ethan assessed our dogs and was incredibly fair with his plan and pricing. Fast forward a handful of sessions and the dogs have completely changed. We highly recommend Ethan. He’s the real deal."

-Christian, Red, & Chewy

Two of our dog training students

"I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional training provided by Ethan for my puppy. With their expert guidance, my pup has mastered recall leash training, stopped stealing food, curbed jumping on people, and learned to stay calm in the crate. The results have been remarkable! Their patience, knowledge, and effective techniques have truly transformed my puppy’s behavior."


-Tedi & Waffles

one of our dog training students

About Ethan

Ethan McMahon, Head Dog Trainer at McMahon Dog Training

Ethan McMahon has dedicated his life to helping dog's and their owners live happier lives together. With years of expertise, he has been able to help hundreds of families & their dogs across San Diego County. Whether its aggression, separation anxiety, puppy biting, or anything in-between, Ethan will be able to help you out and change your dog's life within weeks. 

"I use positive reinforcement as my main tool when modifying a dog's behavior. I have found that effectively using positive reinforcement for most issues dogs have has the most net positive impact on the relationship we have with our dogs. My training principles follow all LIMA protocols (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive), to ensure that all the dog training I perform is safe and humane. Your dog's safety and well being will always be my #1 concern above anything else! I train dogs for two reasons- I love dogs, and I love helping people. It is the reason I do what I do and the reason I will most likely never stop doing what I do. If you have a dog and are in need of training, I would love to meet you for a free 1 hour private lesson and help you out as much as possible." 

Client Testimonial

As new dog owners, my partner and I had all the nerves that one has when considering all that goes into puppy training and how to begin. We didn’t know where to start when it came to HOW, but knew that we wanted to work with a trainer who was confident, highly knowledgeable, and compassionate yet firm in handling any tough situation with a puppy. We could not have chosen a BETTER dog trainer than Ethan. We are incredibly grateful to him and the vast experience and information he brought us every session. He gave us the confidence to work with our dog independently and set us up for success in difficult moments while also reinforcing positive moments.


Our 3 month old puppy, Avi was immediately comfortable with Ethan - so much so that every time we finished a session, Avi wanted more time with him and the structure he built around our trainings. He answered any and all questions we had - trust me, we had a LOT. He gave us every tool necessary to work with Avi and we have watched our little pup grow and thrive with those tools we can utilize anywhere, at any time.


From the training basics of “sit” “down” stay” and “come” to more complex ones like recall in social situations with other dogs and distractions, Ethan walked us through each step of antecedent to reinforcement. We are empowered through his training program to continue establishing trust between us and Avi, ease in communication, and how to grow the bond that we share with him.


Not only can I speak to the confidence that I feel as a dog owner, I can also see the difference in how our dog responds to the world, other dogs, other dog owners and that HE is at ease walking through life that started with our decision to work with Mcmahon Dog Training.


Ethan’s patience with us while we practiced developing skills he taught us was so appreciated every step of the way. I’m a firm believer that as confident as WE are now, that is how confident our dog is. We will continue to speak so highly of Ethan and his company to our friends, family, coworkers, those who ask for a dog training recommendation - we will always support him and his endeavors to expand his client base because we know that he will bring so much value to dog owners all over San Diego County.

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Thank you, Ethan! You will always be a welcome member of our fam and are certainly a member of Avi’s pack.

⁃ Sam, Eric and Avi

One of our perfect puppy program students

How Do I Sign Up?

We always start with a free 1-hour Private Lesson before you sign up for training with us to ensure that we create a plan that will guarantee your dog's success. More than anything, we value setting dogs up for success and guaranteeing long-lasting results. To enroll in one of our training programs, click the button below to schedule your free 1 Hour Private Lesson.

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