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The Perfect Puppy Program

Welcome to our new and improved, revolutionary 6 week Perfect Puppy Training Program!

During this program you will learn ALL the secrets and tricks trainers use to transform dog behavior in a matter of weeks. We are very excited to share all this with you. If you have been struggling to go on walks, leave your dog at home alone, or have even reached your Witt’s end with your dog, this program is for

you. We guarantee that our training works, and your dogs behavior will be transformed in a matter of weeks.


The Perfect Pup Program contains 6 Private lessons that occur once per week.

During these private lessons, your dog will learn:


               - Their Name

               - Come

               - Sit

               - Down

               - Stay

               - Place 

               - Drop it

               - Leave it

               - Leash Manners


During these lessons, we will also work on any unwanted behaviors, such as :


               - Potty Training

               - Play Biting/Teething

               - Barking

               - Separation Anxiety

               - Stealing food

               - And any other issues you may be having!



“How do you know its going to work?”


We’ve done it before, many many times, for years. We have crafted a system based on

basic psychology principles that is guaranteed to greatly improve your dogs behavior, no matter the issue.

If your ready to transform your puppy's behavior today, click the button below to schedule a 100% free consultation.

"Ethan walked us through each step of antecedent to reinforcement. We are empowered through his training program to continue establishing trust between us and Avi, ease in communication, and how to grow the bond that we share with him. We are incredibly grateful to him and the vast experience and information he brought us every session." - Sam, Eric, & Avi

One of our perfect puppy program students
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