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Day Training Program

Our Day Training Program is the most effective dog training service we offer, and possibly the most effective dog training service that is currently on the market. I will come to your home, pick your dog up, and spend 4 hours with your dog working on advanced obedience in many different situations and environments. This includes having your dog heel off leash, lie down and stay off leash, coming back to you in any situation, and every thing in between that you've dreamed of seeing your dog do. If you are looking for peak results in your dog, this program is for you. You will receive updates along the way, as well as videos of your dog performing high level obedience out in the world. For best results, we recommend at least 4 days of this program so we have the time to teach your dog everything they need to know to be successful in the real world 

Our pricing for day training is:

$499: 1 Full Day

$1699: 4 Full Days (Best Seller)

$3,099: 8 Full Days

If you are interested in our Day Training Program, fill out the form and we will start with a free private lesson to better understand your goals

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