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The Advanced Obedience Package

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If you have been wanting your dog to master obedience on and off leash, even in tough situations, the Advanced Obedience Package is what you've been looking for. We will train your dog to perform high level obedience in real life scenarios for less than half the price of your average board and train! We use the most modern training techniques that do not involve e-collars to ensure that your dog will be set up for a successful and well behaved life in the real world. 


The Advanced Obedience Package contains 12 Private lessons that occur 2-3 times per week.

During these private lessons, your dog will master:


               - Their Name

               - Come

               - Sit

               - Down

               - Stay

               - Place 

               - Drop it

               - Leave it

               - Heel

During these lessons, we will also work on any unwanted behaviors, such as :


                - Potty Training

                - Play Biting/Teething

                - Barking

                - Separation Anxiety

                - Stealing food

                - Aggression

                - And any other issues you may be having!



“How do you know its going to work?”


We’ve done it before, many many times, for years. We have crafted a system based on

basic psychology principles that is guaranteed to greatly improve your dogs behavior, no matter the issue.

If your ready to transform your dog's behavior today, click the button below to schedule a 100% free consultation.

"Ethan is fantastic. We were convinced that our two doodles were beyond training: pulled during walks like sled dogs, got into it with other dogs, barked like crazy when people came to the door, and wouldn’t stay and wouldn’t come when called. Ethan assessed our dogs and was incredibly fair with his plan and pricing. Fast forward a handful of sessions and the dogs have completely changed. We highly recommend Ethan. He’s the real deal."

-Christian Carson

Two of our students that participated in the advanced obedience package
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